Advice of growth/evolution

Consulenza Evolutiva “Between input and reply there is a space. It is just in this space that you find the power of choosing the answer and it is even in this answer that you find your growth and freedom.”(Victor Frankl)

Coaching is a process which uses all the possible tools which help people build the future they wish and activate the necessary resources to make that future real.
The peculiarity of the kind of individual advice I offer is that it can be considered not only the instrument to know one’s self and one’s own goals but also a chance of personal growth to live and experience day by day.

It is indeed essential to keep in mind that…

The world around us is very different according to the level of evolution in which we are “tuned”.
At the lowest level the world seems as a battle field.

The law of the jungle rules, that means: attack or run away! Mors  tua vita mea! We could call this level of awareness the primary short cut. It is at this level that we show our most reactive and extreme characteristics and therefore those which are less useful in favouring our and the others’ well being.

At the intermediate level there is the adult (I rule). Here the law is DO UT DES, that is commerce and barter rule, where everyone tries to maximize his/her own interest without necessarily doing any harm to the others, but also without caring about it. At this level we can  say that, at our most, we “tolerate” the others and  the characteristics of us we don’t like.

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