Humanistic Musictherapy

Musicoterapia“The human being is the Original Musical Instrument which met the sounds and noises through the First Orchestra (the Maternal Womb) and it goes on vibrating together with the world (the picking up of sounds occurs through resonance) and vibrating through him/herself  (the resonant cavities) in producing sounds (the vowels) and noises (the consonants).” (Giulia Cremaschi Trovesi)

“DOREDUCARE” (literally: educating with the notes) THE VIBRATING BODY ( a travel through the universe of sound towards the discovery of humanistic musictherapy).

DOREDUCARE (shortly: DO is the musical note C, whereas RE is D) is a training project aimed at meeting Humanistic Musictherapy divided into seven sections, seven musical notes that I consider as stages of a free and flexible path. The order and sequence of the notes are aimed at composing a melody which should be as much suitable as possible for the kids I will meet and the time and place we’ll have to stay together. Each step can also be proposed independently from the others. The basic goals of each activity are different but they are all connected one to the other and they are linked to very important skills in the process of human growth:

  •     exploration
  •     listening
  •      interpretation
  •     creativity

In specific, drawing inspiration from the extraordinary work of Giulia Cremaschi and Mauro Scardovelli, I propose to the kids an exploration of our primary musical instrument, the vibrant body actually, and even of other musical instruments.

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