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When we let our inner light shine, we unconsciously allow other people do the same. When we get rid of our fears, then our presence automatically frees other people.Formazione
(Nelson Mandela)

Almost everywhere there are offers to evolve, to learn, to communicate, to heal up, to improve one’s self-confidence, and so on…

But nearly always, there is too much haste which prevents us from finding out the only thing that really can lead us to the well-being as well as the good-working: that is, to approach one’s own deep self and to learn listening to ourselves and other people, in order to create, time after time, our life as it can be. Deeply and simply our life.
The training activities I suggest  come from my personal and direct experience, from my life, as well as from a constant study and research. I love experiencing what I learn as well as helping  develop a positive relationship among the members of a group. In my training workshops people work on themselves, in order to increase the self-awareness without haste, but using the time they have as a chance to reach the voice of their  “inner-master/guide” and encourage the dimension of a significant learning.

Umberto Galimberti, in a recent book, asserts that being happy is an ethical duty. His arguments are simple. Translated into the words of Thich Nath Hanh, those who are happy improve  the world because they  “live” in the “river/flow of life” and spread around them the seeds of happiness. Those who are unhappy, in a neurotic way, make it worse, because they live in the “plash of nevrosis” and spread the seeds of sadness.

-THEMATIC AREAS (divided into different contents such as: school, work, family and educational projects).

  •     . Positive relationships
  •     . Management of conflicts
  •     . Easy/relaxed dialogue/socializing  at ease
  •     . Humanistic PNL
  •     . Human types
  •     . team building
  •     . Emotive discernment/intellect/perception
  •     . Eco-leadership
  •     . Personal and professional guidance/advice

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