Who I am

I’m a person who believes that every human being owns innumerable qualities (even if  they usually are not much known and explored/investigated). I get enthusiastic by seeing a person who finds out and exploit his/her own skills and maybe for this reason I really like working “with and for” the young (not only from a “biological” point of view).

Andrea Farioli

I think that one of my strengths is the ability to translate what I experience in my life into exercise, strategy and entertainment aimed at learning. I believe that serious things can be done with fun and that the attitude we have towards life has a deep influence on the way life reacts towards us.

I love writing metaphorical stories and I use operative instruments/devices which can help people improve their relationships with themselves and the others. I feed my curiosity with readings and videos of people who, in my opinion, excel in their field. When I find something interesting and efficacious in improving the quality of learning as well as life itself, I wish to share it with other people.

The main reason why I decided to open this blog is indeed that I wanted to share instruments which could offer tips for professional and personal growth.

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